Hotel am Josephsplatz
Josephsplatz 30-32
Nürnberg, Bavaria, 90403, Germany
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Art & Culture

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Walking through Nuremberg that means a fascinating walk through the centuries of chequered history. Take the time to explore the castle and everything around it, to admire the nice construction of imposing churches that are steeped in history. Let this beautiful atmosphere be your own.

Discover the history while visiting the Nuremberg Rally area and the documentation centre next to it. Relax while visiting some of the interesting museums – they will cover all interests.

Let yourself fascinate from world-famous artists like Albrecht Dürer, Peter Henlein or Veit Stoss while attending one of the numerous exhibitions. Don´t miss to take a walk through the scenic old town and its lanes full of nooks and crannies.

The felicitous combination of big city life and historical framework buildings, the warm hospitality and the courageous franconian cuisine will fill you with enthusiasm.

There are a lot of cultural localities like the opera, theatre, cinemas and cabarets as well as numerous well-known events. Enjoy the special atmosphere of the minstrel meeting, the rag-fairs, the old town celebration and the world-famous Christmas market.

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