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In the heart of the oldtown
  Located in the middle of the historical centre of Nuremberg, you will find the Hotel am Josephsplatz. Its history goes back to the year 1675. The completely renovated building presents... the hotel
Be our guest in Nuremberg
  Hello and welcome indeed to Nuremberg, the home of Albrecht Dürer, and to the Hotel am Josephsplatz which presents its guests an ambience of warm hospitality. Stay the night... ...our rooms
Start your day
  Our breakfast set is the first highlight of the day. Our rich breakfastbuffet offers you variations for every day and to everybody's taste... ...with breakfast
Art and Culture
  Walk through Nuremberg - take a walk through centuries of its eventful history. Explore the Kaiserburg or visit interesting... & culture
Your welcome...
  Our address and a detailed city map to print out. here for our address
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Hotel am Josephsplatz;  Josephsplatz 30-32; D - 90403 Nürnberg
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